Reviews – how does it work?

29 September, 2017

One of my biggest hobbies is to visit restaurants, street food markets or any other spots serving interesting dishes. I would like to share my experience from this places and review them for you so next time you will be looking for somewhere to go out in your hometown or when travel you will have some reference.

Few words about how the reviews will work and what will be my point of interest. My focus always is mainly on food but also on service, value for money and atmosphere. All these aspects will sum up and I will give my general mark. All the opinions are subjective and your feelings might differ. I would be very happy to hear from you and exchange the thoughts :). What is very important I don’t want to compare places with each other. Can happen that street food or little bistro will have a better grade that starred, fine dining restaurant but it is because they get to the higher level in their group.

Food – always main thing that I’m focused on once eating. Important if products are fresh, good seasoning, if the cooking technique is not destroying the natural potential of the ingredient.

Service – very important aspect as can improve your meal and make you lose appetite. Will judge the style of service, food knowledge, given attention, engagement and speed of service.

Value for money – basically will tell if the price is set on reasonable level according to the food, service, standard and area where the place is

Atmosphere – general spirit of the place regarding the style they aiming for. How I was feeling in this place and if it made me want running away or stay longer 🙂

General mark – main grade giving you idea how I see the spot and if it is worth of visiting when you are in the area or maybe it is even worthy of travelling just to check it out

Have a good read and check Food Trail for new reviews 🙂