Czesc, jak sie macie? My name is Pawel Ojdowski and I am a chef with a true love for the hospitality.

My food journey started when I was born, as I always loved to try new things and eating was giving me extreme joy. I was growing up trying to find my path. Went through sport playing basketball and American football, through medical University – physiotherapy department where I finished my Master's  but the food was always very close to my heart.. and stomach :).

When I was a teenager I was watching many food programmes from abroad as none of them was produced in Poland yet. I started to feel strong emotions for the gastronomy so it seemed to be natural pick when I was offered a position of commis chef on one of the job fairs in my city – Gdynia, Poland. That was greek restaurant and kitchen under the leadership of Head Chef Nichos Brachos, a Greek chef who gained his experience in the USA. That was my first contact with a real kitchen and western style of cooking. I was amazed by everything that I’ve seen and learnt. Everything was happening very quickly then. For next few years, I was collecting knowledge in other restaurants, having the opportunity to meet some really good chefs.

One of them was Chef Rafal Walesa – very talented, new generation chef who opened me another door and gave a fresh look, taught me what is modern gastronomy and how today's kitchen world works. He inspired me to develop so I decided to move to London, looking for new inspirations, knowledge and passions, trying to become a good chef and explore the world that I have fallen in love with.

During this new period of my life, I've worked in Michelin star and fine dining kitchens and gastro pubs learning and trying to pass my passion and knowledge to a new generation of chefs. I spend my free time visiting food events, restaurants and tasting different food all over the world sharing a passion with my wife who got sucked in by it as well.

I finally found my path, my food trail that I follow ever since. So come with me on this great journey and let's explore together.